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Learn Faster. Perform Better. Craft the Working Life You Want.

The world of work is full of contradictions and hidden pitfalls. What we read on our job descriptions and what we encounter in the actual workplace are two very different things. This is the double-reality of work and it has the potential to undermine our performance and erode the quality of our working lives.

Go Beyond
Align Your Organization’s Talent + Priorities.

The “mutual agenda” defines the powerful space where individual goals and desired contributions intersect with team priorities and organizational objectives. Without it, company objectives are compromised by the failure of people to fully commit and deliver.

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To succeed at work, you have to Go Beyond.

For over a decade I have been a cartographer of sorts, painstakingly mapping the ecology and terrain of work’s greatest challenges. Let me help you “go beyond” your job description, navigate your challenges, and achieve breakthrough performance.


Stand out, stay ahead of the change curve, and advance your career by revealing your “hidden curriculum of work®.”

New Managers

Identify and close performance gaps by discovering your team's "job-within-the-job."

Senior Leaders

Create the conditions for people - your organization’s greatest asset - to contribute directly to the bottom line.


Support your client’s growth and development with research-based tools and evidence-driven outcomes.

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Hidden Curriculum of Work®

What Clients Say

I participated in a customized learning program that Jesse’s team put together. They did a magnificent job and I was particularly impressed with Jesse's in-depth knowledge and grasp of the challenges of organizational life. His preparation and lively interaction with the participants left us looking forward to sending more staff to future workshops.

Christian Henderson Department Manager at Shopatron

“Finally, top-tier consulting services for organizations that don’t have Fortune 500 budgets.”

Industry Insider

Dr. Sostrin is a leader in every stretch of the imagination. His coaching techniques and unique presentation style offer ways of engaging senior leaders in meaningful, provocative ways. I highly recommend Sostrin Consulting as a vital resource to help meet your leadership and organization development needs.

Matt Helm, Ph.D.Director of Michigan State University’s Graduate Student Life & Wellness Program

Jesse led multiple strategy sessions during my tenure at the San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum. He was personable, professional, and extremely skilled at moving a group of people with a big agenda to a crystal clear focus with bite-sized, actionable pieces that could be accomplished. I highly recommend Sostrin Consulting to any organization that is preparing a strategic plan or is restructuring itself for future growth and success.

Roy MuellerExecutive Director at Los Angeles Children's Chorus

“Our experience with Sostrin Consulting was distinctive. They got their best talent focused directly on our critical outcomes from the start. This accelerated trust and formed the basis of a very productive working relationship.”

Recent Client

“Sostrin Consulting was great. They had a great process and were in sync with the group the entire time. I thought they did great pre-work and handled the normally challenging people beautifully. I give Sostrin Consulting 4 out of 4 stars; they were the best facilitation/consulting firm I have ever worked with!”

Carlos SotoNHCC President

“You started us on time, you ended on time and look at how much we accomplished. This could not have been better!”

Jon G. MunozSenior Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion, Hilton Worldwide, Inc.

“A special thank you to Sostrin Consulting, you all did an amazing job. We were in awe as we watched you pull all those ideas into a cohesive plan that is sure to catapult The Nature Corps into an exciting future.”

Mark LandonExecutive Director, The Nature Corps

“I have been through a lot of facilitated meetings, but I have to say this is the best session I’ve ever been in! We not only got work done, but you helped us to learn how to work together.”

Baxter BoyingtonDirector of Sales, SLO County Visitors & Conference Bureau

“We certainly would not be this far along without your leadership. If I had not already known of your capabilities going in, I would have been amazed!”

Frank MumfordCEO at CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation

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