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Organizations continuously move through cycles of aiming high with vision and strategy, and then bearing down on the required planning and implementation to realize their goals. The success or failure of these efforts is ultimately determined by leadership’s capacity to align their focused efforts with cultural realities that either enable or detract from the organization’s pursuit. To create powerful alignment that leads to meaningful impact, Sostrin Consulting will facilitate the change you seek. Our consulting services are structured around a traditional suite of leadership and organization development interventions that help our clients identify the critical challenges – and the hidden opportunities – within them.
Planning, Implementing + Managing Change
During uncertain and changing times, a clear vision and strategy are critical to aligning organizational resources in the most productive directions. Sostrin Consulting designs, facilitates, and implements strategic visioning processes tailored to your organization’s need and sense of urgency. Signature interventions include:
  • Defining and redefining the mission, values, and goals of your organization or team
  • Establishing new strategic directions
  • Developing agile responses to maneuver through your competitive landscape
Planning, Implementing + Managing Change
Sostrin Consulting offers solutions to the critical needs that arise during organizational transitions. Whether change is inspired from the inside or imposed by outside forces, our participatory facilitation methods help stakeholders understand and adapt to a climate of change and focus on what they can do to influence their future. Signature interventions include:
  • Facilitating team and organizational self-assessment processes
  • Establishing goals and objectives to bring vision and strategy to fruition
  • Creating action plans that align values with necessary resources, priorities, and accountabilities
  • Reorganizing team composition, roles, and work flows for successful strategy implementation
Communication + Culture
Communication is the DNA of organizational life. The patterns of communication and interaction that dominant the hallways, cubicles, and board rooms of your workplace are the culture-making forces that literally shape the experiences and outcomes of people inside the organization. When communication + culture fail to produce the required conditions for organizational success, Sostrin Consulting provides diagnostic tools, assessments, and facilitated change-efforts to re-make the underlying patterns that block progress. Our signature interventions include:
  • Re-shaping the unwanted patterns of communication that limit employee engagement, reduce effective collaboration, and adversely impact the bottom-line
  • Enhancing the critical patterns of communication and interaction where decisions get made, relationships are built, and organizational culture is solidified
  • Teaching leaders to recognize and act wisely in the critical moments where culture shifts are possible.
Integrated Conflict Resolution
The presence of organizational conflict is not inherently unhealthy, but conflict is only an opportunity for creativity and positive change when it is integrated effectively. But conflict becomes unhealthy when it is focused on personalities rather than substance and ideas. Instead of inspiring impassioned colleagues to voice their ideas of creative dissent, unhealthy conflict erodes trust, reduces collaboration, and diminishes overall team performance. The costs of unresolved conflict for leaders include:
  • Spending  excessive time reacting to interpersonal disputes and too little time on strategy and implementation
  • Distracted employees consumed by energy-draining conflict
  • Declines in productivity and morale resulting in deep disengagement
  • Increasing occurrences of absenteeism, presenteeism, and costly turnover.
For organizations and teams experiencing the adverse impacts of unresolved conflict, Sostrin Consulting is available to provide confidential issue assessment and skilled conflict resolution intervention services. With an integrated approach and nationally recognized expertise in the design and delivery of mediation and conflict resolution services, Sostrin Consulting also works with organizations to develop in-house conflict resolution systems that build their native capacity to successfully manage conflict more effectively over time.

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