Beyond The Job Description

How Managers and Employees Can Navigate the True Demands of the Job
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Beyond The Job Description provides research-driven insights, diagnostic tools, and stories of employees and leaders who have managed to turn their greatest challenges at work into opportunities for breakthrough performance. It is no longer an option to simply ignore the hidden curriculum of work. Beyond the Job Description translates the world of work and leads readers on a critical path to:
  • Discover the mutual agenda where your individual values and aspirations align with the needs of the team and the goals of your organization;
  • Know what is most important right now and focus on the vital purpose and value-added contributions that can help you stand out and stay ahead of the change curve;
  • Establish a system to identify hidden challenges that undermine your performance and learn to transform those barriers into opportunities for improved learning and performance; and
  • Develop a clear vision and plan to achieve the working life you want.
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National Book Reviews
“This readable, often entertaining work will be valuable for anyone seeking to improve job performance. Sostrin offers a process for turning frustration and confusion into insights that can increase effectiveness.”
—Publishers Weekly
“Pulling from his own corporate clientele cases, Sostrin proposes a four-step model of signposts and plenty of get-out-your-pencils exercises to guide you to “breakthrough performance.”
—Associations Now
“This book is kind of like a couples therapist for managers and employees…It’s time to find a mutual agenda!”
“This is the book I was looking for when I was developing a training program for new managers last year. I wanted to give them something valuable—something that had tools and ideas that really worked…”
—Training Zone
“This is hands down the BEST career advice book that I have read.”