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Countless people have been inspired to act on the compelling insights and tools featured in Dr. Jesse Sostrin’s books. His recent titles, including The Manager’s Dilemma, Beyond the Job Description, and Re-Making Communication at Work, go beyond just naming problems; they offer proven solutions to the complexities and challenges that today’s employees, managers, and senior leaders face.
Jesse’s unique thought leadership, research-based insights, and action-oriented tools are now fully embedded in a variety of signature programs based on the books. The programs are recognized for their dynamic mix of depth and practicality and nobody leaves without being challenged to think differently about working better. Different from Dr. Sostrin’s keynote presentations, onsite programs are designed to go in-depth in half-day or full-day formats. Each customized program starts with a discovery session that provides the context for the event and ensures that the design of the program is aligned with the organization’s priorities. Program themes include:

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“Overcoming The Manager’s Dilemma”
Available in Half-day and Full-day Formats Go from overwhelmed to high-performance by resolving the eight management traps that drain your time, energy, resources, and focus. Designed for emerging and established managers across organizations and industries of every size and type, the hands-on curriculum and tailored program activities show participants how to identify their own dilemma and to take steps to overcome it, including:
  1. The dilemma leaves us feeling trapped with unwanted options on all sides, so follow the contradiction to loosen the grip of the dilemma.
  2. It turns us around and distorts our values and goals, so determine your line of sight to focus on the right priorities.
  3. It spins our wheels, causing extra effort with less effectiveness, so distinguish your contribution to make a deeper impact.
  4. It punctures leaks in our already fragile time, energy, resources, and focus, so plug the leaks to restore your capacity.
  1. It forces us to accomplish unimportant stuff, so create the conditions you need to achieve more value.
  2. It leaves us powerless and unable to impact our circumstances, so find the pocket of influence to use minimal effort for maximum impact.
  3. It limits our ability to use everyday obstacles for good, so convert your challenges to fuel and turn the tables on the dilemma.
  4. It threatens us, forcing a divisive “us vs. them” competition, so make your goals their priorities and strike the mutual agenda.
“Going Beyond the Job Description: How to Navigate the Hidden Curriculum of Work®
Available in Half-day and Full-day Formats Learn how to anticipate and overcome the hidden challenges of working well by using everyday obstacles to boost your learning and performance. Designed for individual contributors across organizations and industries of every size and type, the hands-on curriculum and tailored program activities follow the sequence of the highly effective R-I-T-E Model, which includes the following core elements:
  • Understanding the Hidden Curriculum of Work®
  • Answering Six Questions to Reveal Your “Job-within-the-Job”
  • Taking the BLP Assessment to Identify Barriers to Learning & Performance
  • Completing Your Future-Proof Plan
Re-Making Communication at Work
Only Available in the Full-day Format When communication breaks down among people in organizations, a whole cascade of barriers emerges. This creates a paradoxical impasse where the communication that needs to happen in order to address the situation at hand is now even less likely to occur because of the barriers and frustrations that stand in the way. These vicious, self-sustaining communication issues are everywhere and they can erode the capacity of people to trust and work effectively together in the short term. In the long-term their effects are even more damaging as they directly contribute to declines in employee engagement, morale, productivity, and bottom line performance. In this dynamic program, teams working through organizational challenges spend a full-day with Dr. Jesse Sostrin to identify and re-make the critical patterns of communication that make and sustain unwanted outcomes. Part One provides a foundation for understanding the new approach to communication, which departs from the conventional transmission model of communication. This includes:
  • In-depth review of the chemistry, physics, and design of communication in the world of work.
  • The “seven communication pitfalls and unwanted patterns” produce challenging outcomes with closed episodes and fragmented turns
  • The “seven preferred patterns of communication and interaction” produce preferred patterns with open episodes and aligned turns
Part Two provides opportunities for the team to self-assess their most important patterns of communication and bring a greater focus on those interactions that need to shift in order for positive change to occur. With the real-time coaching, team members are able to make concrete gains on the challenges that confront their ability to remain vital, productive, and value-added to their organization, including the on-going capacity to:
  • Transform troubled relationships
  • Shift conflict effects from closed-damaging to open-building
  • Share information to limit assumptions
  • Get collaborative decision-making right
  • Increase levels of workplace trust and employee engagement from low to high