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Leaders are the single most important facet of every organization. They influence the personality and soul of the company and their work in today’s competitive, ever-changing environment has never been more challenging. However, gaining a leader-driven advantage requires more than just meeting the challenges at-hand; it requires the cultivation of leaders who see what others can’t and act on what others won’t.
Elevate your contribution to another level.
Sostrin Consulting supports both emerging and established leaders in their next-level development with customized coaching programs that bring focus, balance, and transformational performance improvements to the full spectrum of their working lives. Driven by the core belief that leaders must become the scaffolding that helps others to climb, we work with our clients to clarify the demands they face and the deeper aspirations that fuel them. To extend their bottom-line leadership impact, each of our customized coaching programs includes the following milestones:
  • Surveying the landscape, assessing your resources, and identifying the gap(s) between where you are and where you want to be
  • Defining key priorities and objectives for your coaching agenda and articulating a clear picture of desired success
  • Identifying and resolving the barriers to change that surface throughout the coaching engagement
  • Creating and applying the evaluative metrics through which the accomplishment of the engagement’s objectives can be measured.

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One-to-one coaching engagements are available in both four-month and six-month formats and can also be customized to group or peer-based environments.