February 13, 2014

Coaching to Reboot Your Working Life

A great working life doesn’t just happen. You have to craft it with intentional focus and hard work. If you are stuck on a plateau, stalled out, bogged down, or unable to express the full measure of your talent then you may need a reboot to create the conditions for the working life you want. Not sure where you stand? Here are some signs that you may be feeling a bit overworked and disengaged:

  • You get an ulcer the size of Texas when you begin your commute to work;
  • Your idea of a great day is just “surviving;”
  • Work problems follow you home, leave you irritated, grumpy, stressed, and unable to sleep;
  • You face the same recurring conflicts, challenges of change, and uncertainties; and
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day and it feels like you have quicksand around your legs.

With careers that span more than six decades, it is an unmistakabledescribe the image truth that our lives are “working lives.” This means that investing time and focus to get the right trajectory set now will pay dividends for years to come. If you want to elevate your contribution, stand out, stay relevant, and get ahead of the change curve then you might need to reboot your working life.

If your strategy thus far has been to “wait it out” and hope that things get better naturally, consider the realities of today’s hyper-competitive job market and the critical questions it raises:

  • Am I getting great work done, or are some of my best efforts undermined by unexpected challenges?
  • Am I staying on purpose and delivering added value to the organization, or do I find myself struggling to make enough of a positive contribution?
  • Am I managing and leading in a way that brings others to their maximum contribution, or does my influence fail to make others better?

If you’re ready to work up to the potential and expectations you have for your working life, let me help you Go Beyond. Schedule a complimentary coaching session to find your answers along your path to success at work.

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