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Dr. Jesse Sostrin delivers a variety of public presentations as a keynote speaker, featured conference presenter, and on-site program. His unique thought leadership has inspired thousands of people in venues large and small throughout the US and overseas. He believes that a powerful live presentation tailored to the specific challenges of the audience can transform people in ways that workshops and books simply cannot.

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Jesse’s Audiences

Jesse’s primary audiences include corporate and professional groups looking for evidence-driven insights and practical tools that reveal the future of work. From senior-level executives to mid-level managers and front-line staff, Jesse’s provocative and entertaining style delivers relevant and actionable ideas that inspire change.

Jesse also engages undergraduate and graduate students in campus-sponsored events. In these presentations he builds a unique connection with the students and shares his research-based thought leadership in humorous and engaging ways.

Presentation Topics Include:

“Overcoming the Manager’s Dilemma” – Go from overwhelmed to high-performance by resolving the eight management traps that drain your time, energy, resources, and focus.

“Going Beyond the Job Description: How to Navigate the Hidden Curriculum of Work® – Learn how to anticipate and overcome the hidden challenges of working well by using everyday obstacles to boost your learning and performance.

“Future-Proof Your Career: A Survival Guide for Students Entering the Job Market” – Learn how to stand out, stay ahead of the change curve, and remain relevant in the changing world of work.

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To book Jesse for your upcoming keynote, conference, or curated event, please share some basic information about the audience size and desired goals for the event. We will provide additional information and proposals by request.

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