January 9, 2014

Three Strategies to Interview Well and Get the Job You Want

recruiter resized 600As a candidate you are only as desirable as the potential you project during the interview process. Because this first impression is truly the definitive factor that determines whether you will or will not receive the job offer, there is (understandably) significant pressure on job seekers to show off their potential without over-doing it.

In other words, you need to interview like a rock star without the arrogance that could turn off a prospective employer. In order to strike this balance, every job seeker needs to develop a way of talking about their unique value in a way that balances this tension.

To achieve this balance, job seekers must: Go from Vague to Concrete (to leave no doubt about your potential), Craft a “Purpose Profile” (to reveal your upside) and Get In Front of Your Challenges (to show humility and hunger to improve).

To learn more about how to to implement these three strategies for your next interview, check out the piece I wrote for Read the whole article here.

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