Beyond Paychecks and Paperwork

In most small businesses and nonprofit organizations resources are always tight. When the role and purpose of the HR department is reduced to making sure “people get paid” and doing the minimum “administrative paperwork” required by law, so many of the other important contributions from HR are missed. If you need your people to perform […]

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Four Common Pitfalls to Effective Strategic Planning

The reason that so many of us don’t want  to – but know that we need to – conduct strategic planning with our teams and organizations is because too often the results leave us feeling frustrated about the investment of time compared with the value of the outcomes. Whether it takes the form of a […]

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Turn Strategic Planning into Strategic Action

Strategic planning is one of the most widely recognized and practiced organizational activities, yet surprisingly it is one of the least scrutinized. One of the reasons that many leaders are simultaneously pulled toward the desire to create effective strategic plans for their organizations, yet repelled by the thought of potentially wasting time in the effort, […]

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