When Resources Shrink and Demands Grow, Managers Get Caught in the Middle

Author Q&A from Last week, author, leadership expert, and contributor Dr. Jesse Sostrin published a piece on our site about “leaky” talent pools. According to Dr. Sostrin, a “deep bench of emerging leaders” means nothing if your company routinely places impossible demands on the shoulders of those leaders.  These impossible demands are part of what Dr. […]

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Understanding the Manager’s Dilemma

The Manager’s Dilemma is a phenomenon that affects roughly 80% of all managers. It gets triggered when your demands and responsibilities increase, yet the resources you have available to meet them do not. The problem with this inverse equation is that when demands outpace capacity you end up negotiating with yourself about which fire of […]

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Avoid Constant Crisis Fatigue

When the demands you face outpace the resources you have available to address them you end up negotiating with yourself about which fire of the day you will put out while others are painfully neglected. I call this set of imperfect choices the manager’s dilemma because it is truly a no-win situation without an obvious […]

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Introducing ‘The Manager’s Dilemma’

My new book, THE MANAGER’S DILEMMA, explores the widening gap between the increasing demands we face and the shrinking resources we have available to meet them. However, it is not a time management book to deal with the avalanche of e-mails, meetings, and tasks dropped on your plate. Nor does it offer a packaged set […]

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Don’t Let Promising People Fall Through the Cracks

Nobody means to do it, but it happens anyway. Managers get so busy focusing on the wide ranging and increasingly complex responsibilities they face that their people slowly fall through cracks because of inadvertent neglect. If you are concerned about the status of your employees, you can download a free guide to “Getting Your Direct […]

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Stop Trying to “Improve” Communication, You Have to Re-Make It

Many have tried and just as many have failed. Well-meaning and highly skilled supervisors, trainers, executive coaches, management consultants, and human resources professionals have all accepted the challenge of “improving” communication within their teams. For those of us who have had the wonderful experience of attending a communication skills workshop of some kind, only to […]

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