Strategies for Climbing the Career Ladder


Local Job Network Interview Series Moving Up the Ladder – Transcending Your Job Description by Jesse Sostrin and Tim Muma  Wednesday, March 05, 2014 In a hypercompetitive job market, even successful people often look over their shoulders for the “next great person” who could take their job. Thus, individuals need to ensure they make themselves […]

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Don’t Let Promising People Fall Through the Cracks


Nobody means to do it, but it happens anyway. Managers get so busy focusing on the wide ranging and increasingly complex responsibilities they face that their people slowly fall through cracks because of inadvertent neglect. If you are concerned about the status of your employees, you can download a free guide to “Getting Your Direct […]

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Seven Common Communication Pitfalls to Avoid


It’s normal for teams to get caught up in conflict and difficulty from time to time. After all, we are all working in an environment that forces us to do more with less, while we face continuous pressure from change and uncertainty. This “react-first” climate is a breeding ground for the kind of communication snafus […]

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Flying Elephants and Unmet Expectations

Potential and possibilities concept with a realistic elephant flying in the air using wings as a business symbol of achievement and belief in your abilities to succeed in upward growth.

When you want to achieve something or make a change in your working life, the path to the new behavior, experience, or outcome invariably leads through communication. This is because the patterns of communication and interaction we engage in are what make the experiences we live. Unfortunately, one of the most pervasive and damaging patterns […]

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Communication Is the DNA of Organizational Life


Beginning in 1990, a collaborative effort to map the entire human genome began. The project was finally completed in 2003 and for the first time the 20,000—25,000 genes in human DNA were identified. The sequences of the three billion chemical base pairs were determined and the information was stored in electronic databases for analysis, study, […]

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Transforming Communication into Competitive Advantage


The term “competitive advantage” refers to factors that can be leveraged to stand out, get ahead, and win in a given pursuit. In business, competitive advantage matters significantly when you are operating in a climate of hyper-competition with ever-increasing costs of doing business. Knowing and using your competitive advantage wisely in the marketplace can make […]

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No Shortcuts to Effective Communication

The thing about shortcuts is that there are no short cuts to effective communication. Despite the prevalence of three-step processes to get difficult conversations right, listen better, persuade others, etc. it takes a deeper level of focus and effort to shift unwanted patterns of communication. However, re-making communication at work can have dramatic effects on […]

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