Flying Elephants and Unmet Expectations

When you want to achieve something or make a change in your working life, the path to the new behavior, experience, or outcome invariably leads through communication. This is because the patterns of communication and interaction we engage in are what make the experiences we live. Unfortunately, one of the most pervasive and damaging patterns […]

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Stop Trying to “Improve” Communication, You Have to Re-Make It

Many have tried and just as many have failed. Well-meaning and highly skilled supervisors, trainers, executive coaches, management consultants, and human resources professionals have all accepted the challenge of “improving” communication within their teams. For those of us who have had the wonderful experience of attending a communication skills workshop of some kind, only to […]

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Coaching to Reboot Your Working Life

A great working life doesn’t just happen. You have to craft it with intentional focus and hard work. If you are stuck on a plateau, stalled out, bogged down, or unable to express the full measure of your talent then you may need a reboot to create the conditions for the working life you want. […]

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Three Strategies to Interview Well and Get the Job You Want

As a candidate you are only as desirable as the potential you project during the interview process. Because this first impression is truly the definitive factor that determines whether you will or will not receive the job offer, there is (understandably) significant pressure on job seekers to show off their potential without over-doing it. In […]

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