How Future-Proof Are You?

“Everyone wants to be successful and reach his or her full potential. Although the world of work continues to evolve, the challenges involved in getting great work done remain elusive. The economic stress of the last decade has only intensified the pressure on workers. Retirement is delayed for most people, if it happens at all. […]

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Get More Competitive Advantage from Your HR

People are your organization’s greatest asset. This phrase is spoken so often that it is almost a cliché and very few leaders would disagree with it. But if everyone knows that people – your organization’s combined human capital – are potentially its greatest asset, then is it really a competitive advantage? In order to truly […]

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Leadership Development through Better Vision

All leaders have a vision problem. It is not because this is a unique barrier that leaders alone face, but because it is a human concern amplified by the specific role that leaders play in organizations. The vision problem is this: leaders see what they expect to see and avoid what they don’t want to […]

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Influencing Change vs. Managing Change: Three Strategies to Get Off the Change Treadmill

Most leaders identify the skill of “change management” as a key competency for their managers and employees. More than just nice to have, it is almost considered a survival skill in today’s rapidly changing world of work. Rather than “reacting to change,” which only the slow, flat-footed dinosaurs would do, we assume that managing change […]

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