Embrace the F-Word: Stop Being Afraid to “Feel” at Work

“What’s the difference between a stalking lion in the bush and your boss? Nothing!” Of course, if you are fortunate enough to have a supportive, trust-based relationship with your manager this isn’t the case. However, for people on shaky ground with a direct supervisor, experiencing a difficult conflict with a colleague, or stressing over uncertainty […]

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Coaching to Reboot Your Working Life

A great working life doesn’t just happen. You have to craft it with intentional focus and hard work. If you are stuck on a plateau, stalled out, bogged down, or unable to express the full measure of your talent then you may need a reboot to create the conditions for the working life you want. […]

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Interview Like a Rock Star

As a candidate you are only as desirable as the potential you project during the interview process. Because this first impression is truly the definitive factor that determines whether you will or will not receive the job offer, there is (understandably) significant pressure on job seekers to show off their potential without over-doing it. In […]

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Multiplier Effects: When Managers Ignite Individual Performance

In an environment dominated by the inverse equation of shrinking resources and increasing demands, the chance for sustained organizational success accelerates when there is a performance multiplier effect. Managers can create these by delivering concrete resources to their teams that help individuals elevate their capacity for independent performance improvement. The question is, what kind of […]

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It Pays to Navigate Your Hidden Curriculum of Work

Learning to navigate the hidden curriculum of work pays for employees and managers! Listen to my interview about going “Beyond the Job Description” with NPR Affiliate’s Popular Personal Finance and Investment Radio Talk Show “On the Money! with Steven L. Pomeranz, CFP”. We cover a lot of terrain, including some very useful tips for employees […]

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“A Couples Therapist for Managers and Employees”

This book is kind of like a couples therapist for managers and employees. Through chapters such as “Seeing Your Job-Within-a-Job” and “A Guide to Team Navigation” author Jesse Sostrin gives advice to help avoid frustration and friction between employees and managers. The book will help employees step up to the individual contributions expected of them […]

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