September 29, 2015

It’s the Good Advice You Don’t Have Energy to Follow

“An umbrella at home won’t keep you dry in the rain.”

This obvious, but all-too-familiar, experience sums up an essential aspect of my new book, The Manager’s Dilemma. The truth is that managers know what they need to do, and in most cases they even know how to do it.

However, because of the dilemma’s distracting effect, all of the best practices, first-class advice, and logical prescriptions intended to ease our stress and resolve our challenges are just an umbrella sitting by our front door when we’ve already rushed out of the house and into the storm.

There are thousands of management books about selecting the right umbrella and avoiding storms, but my book is about how you ended up without yours at the precise moment you needed it most . Even more to the point, it is a book about the practical changes you can make to eliminate those hectic days that cause you to rush out and forget it in the first place.

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