Jesse Sostrin

Leadership Development through Better Vision

All leaders have a vision problem. It is not because this is a unique barrier that leaders alone face, but because it is a human concern amplified by the specific role that leaders play in organizations. The vision problem is this: leaders see what they expect to see and avoid what they don’t want to […]

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Four Common Pitfalls to Effective Strategic Planning

The reason that so many of us don’t want  to – but know that we need to – conduct strategic planning with our teams and organizations is because too often the results leave us feeling frustrated about the investment of time compared with the value of the outcomes. Whether it takes the form of a […]

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Three Strategies for Team Development & Issue Resolution

Popular legend suggests that when elephants reach an older age they instinctively leave their herd and go toward a special place known as the Elephant Graveyard. When their journey is done, they die there alone, far away from the group so that their passing does not adversely impact the family by slowing them down. Whether […]

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Influencing Change vs. Managing Change: Three Strategies to Get Off the Change Treadmill

Most leaders identify the skill of “change management” as a key competency for their managers and employees. More than just nice to have, it is almost considered a survival skill in today’s rapidly changing world of work. Rather than “reacting to change,” which only the slow, flat-footed dinosaurs would do, we assume that managing change […]

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Trigger Truce: A Team Development Solution

Recently I was asked to consult with a struggling sales team in a small technology company. They needed team building and issue resolution in order to get back on track. Once onsite, I noticed an interesting pattern of interaction at their weekly staff meetings. A tit-for-tat response pattern had developed over a few grueling months […]

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Turn Strategic Planning into Strategic Action

Strategic planning is one of the most widely recognized and practiced organizational activities, yet surprisingly it is one of the least scrutinized. One of the reasons that many leaders are simultaneously pulled toward the desire to create effective strategic plans for their organizations, yet repelled by the thought of potentially wasting time in the effort, […]

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