Future-Proof Your Career in 2015

My latest article in Entrepreneur just came out. Here is an excerpt and link below: “Everyone knows that the workplace is full of pitfalls and challenges. But when you let everyday issues go unresolved, you stop getting good work done, lose sight of the things that inspire you and can become disengaged. Facing too many […]

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5 Minutes to Discover Your “Job-within-the-Job”

“Nav-Insight” YOUR WORKING LIFE is based on a myth. It began when you arrived for your first job interview. After you answered a few questions about your background and experience, the interviewer likely gave you a single job description that described the tasks and functions required by the role you would fill in the organization. […]

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Stop Trying to “Improve” Communication, You Have to Re-Make It

Many have tried and just as many have failed. Well-meaning and highly skilled supervisors, trainers, executive coaches, management consultants, and human resources professionals have all accepted the challenge of “improving” communication within their teams. For those of us who have had the wonderful experience of attending a communication skills workshop of some kind, only to […]

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Embrace the F-Word: Stop Being Afraid to “Feel” at Work

“What’s the difference between a stalking lion in the bush and your boss? Nothing!” Of course, if you are fortunate enough to have a supportive, trust-based relationship with your manager this isn’t the case. However, for people on shaky ground with a direct supervisor, experiencing a difficult conflict with a colleague, or stressing over uncertainty […]

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“A Couples Therapist for Managers and Employees”

This book is kind of like a couples therapist for managers and employees. Through chapters such as “Seeing Your Job-Within-a-Job” and “A Guide to Team Navigation” author Jesse Sostrin gives advice to help avoid frustration and friction between employees and managers. The book will help employees step up to the individual contributions expected of them […]

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